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Wearing sunglasses summer alert
  Summer heat, wearing sunglasses people increased, the pursuit of fashion, some people will sunglasses as accessories, regardless of the intensity of light are wearing; even some people have myopia put color lenses all day wear. Little do they know for a long time to wear sunglasses unscientific, will produce headaches, irritability, can ray ban polarized not be long as the other symptoms, severe cases will lead to decreased vision, blurred vision. Guangzhou Chang'an Hospital of professionals this symptom is called "sunglasses syndrome."
  The harmful effects of excessive wear sunglasses more
  After continuous wear sunglasses 1 to 2 weeks, there will be between the eyes or skin on both sides of the cheek numbness, perception retardation and other symptoms, nasal discomfort when breathing, as suffering from a cold, some people will feel eye soreness and so on.
  Chang'an Hospital of Guangzhou Yin Hongzhu ray ban new wayfarer polarized Ren told reporters that this is because they often wear edge width, frame thickness, weight caused heavy glasses.
  Hongzhu Ren Yin said: "Some people, regardless of time and place of chaos sunglasses, whether outdoors or indoors, even at dusk, watching movies are wearing it, it will increase the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension, blurred vision, severe dizziness will not be long as the other symptoms. These symptoms are caused by the ray ban polarized sunglasses misuse of sunglasses. "
  Poor quality sunglasses can cause cataracts
  According to Yin Zhuren introduction, a pair of high quality sunglasses can not only filter out the sun's ultraviolet more than 96%, the effective protection of the eyes, but also weaken the glare. The poor quality sunglasses will damage people's eyes. Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital of Ophthalmology, said Zhang Wei Wei, not the deeper the color sunglasses can filter out ultraviolet rays. Some glass lens due to poor quality, so that the light refraction, scattering, affecting vision. Some dark ray ban polarized wayfarer color of the lens will not be able to filter out ultraviolet light, it will lead to a lot of ultraviolet light entering the eye, damage to the lens, resulting in severe cataracts.
  In addition, patients with glaucoma are not suitable to wear sunglasses, sunglasses weakened because of light, in order to be able to see patients with glaucoma, was forced to enlarge the pupil, will lead to increased intraocular pressure.
  Two causes "sunglasses syndrome."
  Yin Zhuren that led to "sunglasses syndrome" causes are the following two aspects: one for large frame sunglasses distance greater than the distance between the optical center of the pupil of the normal adult eyes, the eyes in order to see the target, the need to strengthen the regulatory function of the workload significantly , over time, has led to the occurrence of sunglasses syndrome; the second is the physiological anatomy show has a small hole in the bottom of the eye, called the infraorbital ray ban folding wayfarer polarized hole, this hole has an important nerve branches, namely the trigeminal nerve infraorbital nerve. It is distributed in the crack between the skin and the nose gape eyes, head of sensory function. Due to the weight and mirror sunglasses focus ring infraorbital nerve compression can lead to nerve distribution area of ??discomfort, wearing glasses with the extension of time, there will be local skin numbness, slow, paresthesia, visual fatigue and other symptoms.