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Each year, MLB Jerseys Cheap a number of different media outlets publish an MLB survey in which they ask current players for their predictions on topics ranging from who will win it all that season to who the most overrated player in the game is Cheap MLB Jerseys.

With that in mind, Cheap Baseball Jerseys we decided to do the same thing here at Bleacher Report—but with a pool of 32 of our MLB writers instead. I crafted a 30-question poll with a mixture of team- and player-specific questions.

What follows Baseball Jerseys Wholesale is a look at how the voting shook out on everything from Favorite Player to Watch to Best Facial Hair, as well as some analysis on the top vote-getters.

I opted not to vote in the poll, Wholesale Baseball Jerseys so as not to influence the results. However, included on each slide is what my choice would have been and an explanation of why.

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