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Discount ray ban sunglasses sale online

Discount cheap ray ban sunglasses online from china,If you want to buy ray ban sunglasses more,we will give you a big discount.

Ray-Ban has always been innovative cheap ray ban sunglasses materials and images leading the trend, record breaking classic. Adhering to this philosophy, Ray-Ban launched in summer 2014 with new technology to create lenses and frames, showing fold changes, the effect of the flow of bright colors, in order to expand the new page. The 2014 summer series, also known as Iridiscence.
Gorgeous gorgeous lenses and acetate frames, ray bans cheap reflecting the colors of the rainbow like water, will become one of the biggest focus in 2014.
This is not a phenomenon of a visual illusion, but from coating technology called "dazzle change": the lenses, micro-crystalline silicon surface coated with a high refractive index made of metal oxides, can With the changes in light intensity and angle, showing thousands of subtle color differences. These colors will merge into each other at discount ray bans the same time, the formation of unimaginable "mobile" wonderful visual effects. Frame also uses the same coating, continued to show dynamic change color in the light.
Through this coating technology, lenses and frames can be presented in the light of the infinite visual effects, so that each style is more wild in this series, including the 2014 Summer style perfectly with ray ban sunglasses cheap the theme of color: bright blue, purple, orange and light blue.
The new Ray-Ban Wayfarer with your foot on the distinctive style and color tours, develop their extraordinary visual experience. Even in weak light, this innovative technology ray ban for cheap can still make the sunglasses to show the fusion of color changing effects.
Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer sunglasses are Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Wayfarer classic series, men and women can wear, 100% UVA & UVB protection, Italian origin. Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses in the style of the most recognizable and distinctive shape and mirror legs handwritten Ray-Ban logo complement each other.
The US Amazon Tortoise Frame / Green Solid Lens neutral tortoiseshell frame models priced $ 71.24, shipping weight of 0.3 pounds is expected, transit hand about 460 yuan. If the hands of the new code can be superimposed on the cheap ray bans online use of 20%, it is a good price.