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October sun, architect Frank Gehry's new masterpiece (in this case the word some understatement) Louis Vuitton Foundation (The Foundation Louis Vuitton) is Bois de Boulogne forest park over the shining glory. Brand creative director Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re selected very early Paris fashion show venue, and his colleagues in order to find cheap louis vuitton outlet online out would be to burst his head. Ghesqui¨¨re accustomed to walking in front of everything. After a year of silence, he designed for Louis Vuitton's first series launched in March last year, in the fashion circle off a firestorm, this season he has deliberately express on behalf of the revival of seventies fashion style.

This spectacular catwalk begins with a video clip, a group of young people said some neat lines drawn from the 1984 David Lynch film "Dune" in: "The beginning is a very delicate time ...... Project Center The first day, coding GEHRY014 ...... steamer is a vast forest surrounded by glass cheap louis vuitton replica bags vessel by 3600 and 15,000 tons of heavy steel construction of ships, ship ship as incubators and inspire people to creative thinking ...... oh Yes, I forgot to tell you that today, October 1, LV want to explore the ability to be able to proceed without having to move to go anywhere in the universe. This trip will leave here. "

With this opening section, plus the T station on both sides like "the Third Kind," the lights going to have to let us think back to the concept of Ghesqui¨¨re's avant-garde fashion. He had to create some Balenciaga style psychedelic works, reference 2007 spring and summer series of C-3PO pantyhose. But zip pullover and waist pantyhose as discount louis vuitton wallets Virgin Galactic or other airline stewardess uniforms coming to get extra points.

And we think the opposite: The people of tailoring with a very familiar way. A blue suit and jeans with a nine high-necked white shirt, a green pullover fit plunging black skirt hem, and this skirt with a front and back are high slits, and then with a concise coarse woolen coats. "No, and last season's style in sharp contrast," After the fashion show so Ghesqui¨¨re said. "The concept is still a wardrobe full of very unique mix." But it is undeniable that this is a very special wardrobe. If you think the last quarter of the first fake cheap louis vuitton bags designers to work like an architect's design sketches, this new work is to enrich and complete, such as ornate velvet suit; encrusted sequined zip front mini dress, with a thick band textured tights, printed with funny straight skirt sleeveless cosmetics, household appliances and big cars pattern.

Of course, the fabric also includes leather, the stitching on a shirt dress in bright stripes, or the ingenuity of the thin thong incorporated into the metal ring, so looks like a high-necked lace mini dress made. Ghesqui¨¨re may have to accept a more real wear design, but you better believe he knows how to make their work even more compelling. Take these louis vuitton usa vivid heel boots on it: colorful, plastic material, and very clever carved LV classic monochrome patterns.